Why Your Incisors and Canine Teeth Are More Yellow

Have you ever noticed that some of your teeth seem yellower than others?

More than likely it’s your lower incisors (the 4 teeth in the middle of your upper and lower set) and your canines (located next to your incisor teeth).

diagram of incisor and canine teeth

So why are the lower incisors often more yellow with some people?  That’s because the enamel is thinner on this set of teeth causing the dentin to show through more.

The dentin is the part of the tooth immediately behind the enamel and it typically has a gray or yellowish color.  So if your enamel is thin, that will make your teeth appear gray or yellow.

The canines are the pointy teeth that are ideal for chewing tougher foods like steak, hamburgers, etc.  Unfortunately, though, these teeth contain more dentin than the rest so that is why they are often yellowish.

For a long time, I thought I was neglecting those teeth when brushing, but now that I know it’s the lack of dentin, that makes more sense.

Now that you know, this.  Don’t assume people with stained incisors or canines have poor hygiene.  It’s likely due to the genetic make-up of the teeth.

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